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Shock Desktop 3D to change the regular 2D desktop into a 3D appearance
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Shock Desktop 3D offers the possibility of changing the traditional flat aspect of a PC desktop and make program icons appear with a 3D look and movable.
The user desktop becomes a 3D framework image where program icons can be placed and moved. Program icons turn to be presented in three dimensions too, like dices or tokens, and they can be arranged in rows, columns or piles. The application offers different options such as automatic arrangement and more. User can choose the icons size and type (rectangles, squares, etc.), as well as set the different associated colors to various actions: default, entered, selected, select box colors, and the transparency wanted when the action is produced. The 3D icon captions can also be set, and adjusted as visible or invisible, set the text color and the background color, etc.

When double clicking on an icon, the icon look changes to show that it is active now. Since the 3D desktop is a three dimensions environment, when moving icons user must take care of the inertia related to the movements in order to set the desired final position.

Icons piles can represent folders or program icons towers, and those piles can be 'dismantled' any time and very easily.

Ignacio Solves
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  • Very attractive effect


  • High memory burden
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